ECOMAX is a new concept in aluminum door products and window products. Putting the functional side of efficient, aesthetic and dynamic. The uniqueness of ECOMAX will be the answer to modern lifestyle needs while maintaining high quality at an affordable price.

With the development of current home designs and models, ecomax is able to meet the needs of aluminum doors and windows that complement the quality of the dream home with the best quality.

The selection of quality aluminum doors and windows for the best home is to use quality aluminum that is able to give a sturdy and beautiful impression in every home design, be it classic design or modern design.

Design Excellence:

  1. Suitable for large openings.
  2. Improved security with dual internal emulating systems.
  3. Double glazing capacity up to 18 mm
  4. Color selection as desired.
  5. Several module options can be used according to space requirements. ease of choice for a wide variety of window and door configurations